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Together, let’s help to quickly move up a possible new chain of infection Covid-19

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Do I have to download an app?

No. This service is 100% online. There are no apps to download.
You just have to scan the QR-code on the table, the customer is redirected to a site where he refers.

Do I have to generate QR-codes every day?

No. The codes are generated at once. As soon as they are printed and placed on the tables, you are good.
Simply keep your Server schedule up-to-date (se.s)

How much does this service cost?

This service is completely free, for the restaurateur as well as for the customers

Who created this service?

Our Engineering team (hardware, embedded software and IoT services) from our company DRINKOTEC located at Route de Trélex 10, 1266 Duillier who created it and continues to support it.

What about the data saved by this service?

The data is subject to the Swiss Data Protection Act LPD.
In carrying out the protection plan established by GastroSuisse and the OFSP, we undertake to erase this data after 14 days and to use it only for this “Contact Tracing” service.

Where is the data stored?

We work with a Swiss Data Center where all data is stored with extreme security.

Paper or digital service?

If you use the contact details sheet created by GastroSuisse, you must ensure that these entries comply with the Swiss Data Protection Act LPD.
By using the Safer Together service, you facilitate the work of your employees, and ensure that compliance with the LPD.

I added a new table, can I generate the QR code only for this table?


In which languages ​​does this platform exist?

This service is valid for all of Switzerland, and therefore available in French, German, Italian and English.

What to do when a client or server observes symptoms related to Covid-19?

This person should make immediate contact with their doctor. If the need arises, only the competent Cantonal Service can make a request to search the database of a particular restaurant.

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