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Our solution complies with Swiss data protection law. Read our privacy policy..

Together, let’s help to quickly move up a possible new chain of infection Covid-19

In order to help our Hotels-Restaurants-Entertainment-Culture branch, with the aim of helping actors to collect, easily and securely, the contact details of their voluntary customers, we have developed a 100% free, simple and respectful of the Swiss law on data protection LPD.
Let’s help our favorite restaurants to implement the protection plan(1) under Covid-19 created by  GastroSuisseHotellerieSuisseSwissCateringAssociation, OSAV & OFSP.

How’s it going with your clients?

He scans the code on the table.


He’s filling out his contact information.


He’s enjoying the moment!


You scan the QR Code sent to the customer by sms for his check-out.


* The data will be deleted after 14 days, and hopefully they will never be needed!

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Trust, Safety and Solidarity with SAFER TOGETHER by DRINKOTEC :


The establishment :

  • creates an account, registers his/her establishment(s) and agrees to use our digital services free of charge
  • is the responsibility of the Service
  • is responsible for keeping the list of servers, open tables, server allocation x tables and calendar up to date in the application.
  • is in charge of guiding clients to use the platform to sign up
  • is in charge of scanning the QR Code sent to the customer to validate his exit from the establishment.
  • if the customer does not have a device to register, the establishment must scan the QR CODE and enter the coordinates indicated by the customer (in a few seconds)
  • in order and to retrieve information only when / if requested by the authorities.

Consumer :

  • can register free of charge, once in the institution
  • is identified each time by scanning the QR CODE provided by the establishment each time he is seated and consumes on the spot
  • reports itself as many times as necessary when it is present on site
  • If/when consumer data are passed on to the authorities, the consumer is informed
  • Consumers will not be able to use digital services in unregistered establishments.

DRINKOTEC, undertakes to:

  • act as a (third party) service provider to HoReCa and guarantee HoReCa and consumers that the Swiss Data Protection Act (DPA) is complied with
  • create and maintain the web application platform
  • provide these services free of charge, as long as the workload is manageable while ensuring business continuity
  • the web application will not use cookies for any purpose, will not access any information about HoReCa or consumer devices, and will not use geolocation
  • no cookies to be used to easily fill in the user forms after use
  • deletion of consumer data after 14 days, mandatory
  • not to access the data, only on request and with the permission of HoReCa / Authorities
  • access the data for the purpose of transferring them to the authorities only when/if HoReCa makes a request
  • ensure the safe transfer, storage and integrity of data
  • store data under Swiss jurisdiction (database hosted in Switzerland)